The girl initially couldn’t imagine marrying a foreigner, and her mother strongly opposed the idea of her having a son-in-law from another nation.

However, defying expectations, the ordinary girl fell in love with a Chadian prince and eventually gave birth to their daughter.

Helen had never met anyone like Abdel before, and she chose to keep their relationship hidden from her family. She was aware of her mother’s disapproval of international marriages, particularly those involving Africans.

Helen was concerned about public perception and adamant that her daughter should not be involved with Africans.

Despite the challenges, it was love that prevailed, and in 2014, Abdel and Helen tied the knot.

The couple spent some time in the Republic of Chad, Abdel’s homeland.

It wasn’t until four and a half years into their marriage that Helen discovered Abdel was a prince.

After two years of marriage, the couple dreamed of starting a family. However, the doctors’ predictions were disheartening.

However, Esmeralda Marie-Claire was born in December 2016, bringing joy to Helen’s life.

Now, Helen enjoys a life of freedom and fulfillment.

She has realized her long-standing dreams and is actively engaged in makeup artistry and floristry.

And he also works in the field of SMM, maintains a blog, and analyzes personalities based on archetypes.

The young woman is also passionate about psychosomatics and enjoys creating handmade jewelry, particularly weaving unique pieces from beads.

Helen finds immense happiness in her life with her husband and daughter.