Ally Langdon, an Australian host, couldn’t hide her sorrow as she spoke with Andrea and Paul Haynes about the heartbreaking decision to remove life support from their 13-year-old daughter, Esra Haynes. The couple shared with A Current Affair how Esra tragically passed away due to engaging in the dangerous practice of “chroming,” a trend popularized on social media involving inhaling aerosol chemicals for a quick high.

Esra, described as a talented athlete and a vibrant young girl, had attended a sleepover where she attempted chroming with an aerosol deodorant, leading to cardiac arrest and irreversible brain damage. Her parents, Andrea and Paul, recounted the devastating phone call urging them to retrieve their daughter, which ultimately led to Esra’s hospitalization and eight days on life support before the agonizing decision to turn off the machines.

Andrea and Paul expressed their profound grief and emphasized the need for awareness about chroming, a trend they had been unaware of until it claimed their daughter’s life. They are now dedicated to educating others about the risks of chroming and urging parents to have open conversations with their children about these dangers.

The Haynes family’s story serves as a stark reminder of the lethal consequences of chroming and underscores the importance of vigilance and communication to prevent similar tragedies from occurring.