This story teaches us that age should never deter us from pursuing our dreams. Life’s challenges may throw us off course, but with determination and belief, we can accomplish extraordinary feats.

Virginia “Ginnie” Hislop, hailing from Washington state, completed her master’s degree in education at Stanford University. Her academic journey began in 1936 when she started her bachelor’s degree, which she completed in 1940. However, her pursuit of a master’s degree was interrupted by World War II when she married her boyfriend, George Hislop, who was called to serve.

105-year-old Stanford student graduates with master's degree 8 decades after  finishing coursework | CNN

“I’ve waited a long time for this,” Virginia remarked upon finally achieving her goal. Following the war, she raised a family and contributed significantly to education in Oklahoma and Washington, serving on various school and college boards.

Virginia’s commitment to education extended to her personal life. She advocated for her daughter to take advanced English over home economics in first grade, prioritizing academic skills over domestic ones.

Despite decades passing, Virginia’s unfinished degree remained on her family’s mind. Her son-in-law discovered that changes in Stanford’s degree requirements meant Virginia had enough credits to complete her master’s. This led to her return to Stanford after 83 years to receive her long-awaited Master of Arts in Education on June 16, 2024.

105-year-old Stanford graduate finally gets her diploma after 80+ year wait  – NBC Bay Area

At the graduation ceremony, Virginia received a standing ovation from the audience, celebrating her determination and perseverance. In an interview with Good Morning America, she expressed her confidence and joy in finally achieving her goal, emphasizing her belief in deserving this honor.

Virginia’s journey exemplifies perseverance and faith, showing that God’s plan unfolds in its own time. Her story inspires us to trust in divine timing and remain steadfast in pursuing our aspirations, knowing that with dedication, we can achieve our dreams.