A disabled woman was surprised by her own progress as she prepared for her first marriage. She managed to stand and walk down the aisle on her own.

When a girl gets married, she dreams of looking beautiful and being admired by everyone. One day, during a medical appointment, the doctors were astonished to discover that this woman could stand up from her chair on her own. This moment significantly changed her life.

Determined to walk on her own for her wedding, she found the motivation to exercise and stay active to achieve her goal.

“I absolutely wanted to surpass myself,” she said. On her wedding day, she stood up and walked, surprising many of the guests.

“This is the best day of my life,” declared the groom. The newlyweds danced together, filling the room with joy.

For them, it was a dream come true. As they danced their first dance, Andre and his wife wept, overwhelmed by the moment.

“What’s happening is wonderful,” Hellen told us.