On June 11, Lukas McClish embarked on a hike in the Santa Cruz Mountains, as he had many times before. Dressed simply and shirtless, he didn’t expect anything unusual. However, the hike, which was supposed to last three hours, turned into an ordeal when he lost his way.

Six days later, McClish missed a Father’s Day dinner, prompting concern. Four days after that, he was reported missing. Speaking to ABC 7 LA, McClish explained that recent wildfires had destroyed many landmarks, making navigation difficult. “It turns into a desert,” he said. “You can’t find your way around when the fire comes through like that and decimates it.”

Although McClish managed to find a consistent water source, he faced other dangers, including dehydration and encounters with wildlife. He recounted seeing a mountain lion stalking him but fortunately, the animal kept its distance. “I guess he was a pretty cool lion; he kept his distance,” McClish recalled.

His albinism required him to seek shade constantly, and his only food source was wild berries, leaving him yearning for more substantial sustenance. He often called out for help, saying, “Just ‘Help, help.’ I’m in this area. Is there anyone out there?” By the fifth day, he realized he was in serious trouble, frequently thinking, “I want a burrito and a taco bowl.”

A multi-agency search eventually led to his rescue. After a hospital check-up, McClish finally got the burrito and taco bowl he had been craving. Reflecting on the experience, he likely found them to be the best meal he had ever had.