Different families around the world have their own unique wedding traditions. For example, some brides put sugar cubes in their gloves, while others get henna designs on their hands and feet. In a popular TikTok video from 2023, a bride named Brittany Dalena shared her family’s long-standing tradition. However, when it was her turn to get married, she decided to do something different, which not everyone agreed with.

In the video, Brittany can be seen wearing a two-piece white dress with puffy sleeves and a pencil skirt. She kept her accessories simple with earrings, bracelets, a white purse, and white heels. As she approached someone for a hug, an older lady was taken aback when she saw Brittany’s dress up close and exclaimed, “Oh my God! No way!” Despite the initial surprise, Brittany embraced the lady, and the moment became emotional for her.

To provide context, Brittany included a slideshow of old family photos at the end of the video. These pictures showed different women from her family wearing the same dress on their wedding days. However, Brittany’s dress was distinct as it had been altered. In the caption, she explained that it was a third-generation wedding dress repurposed for the rehearsal.

The video was shared on both Brittany’s Instagram and TikTok accounts, and viewers had mixed opinions about her decision to alter the dress. One user complimented the dress and found the older lady’s reaction heartwarming, expressing, “The dress is beautiful, and grandma’s reaction brought tears to my eyes. I love this. Was the alteration a surprise? Did grandma know beforehand? Either way, seeing it on her must have been amazing. It’s so sweet.” Another user echoed these sentiments, finding Brittany’s actions genuinely sweet.

However, not all comments were positive. Some users felt that turning the dress into a two-piece set was inappropriate. One commenter questioned why Brittany would “cut and ruin” her mother’s wedding dress. Another user went so far as to say that the alteration “damaged” the dress and tarnished the memories associated with it, expressing disappointment that it was not preserved as it originally was.

Fortunately, there were individuals who defended Brittany and supported her choices. One account emphasized that it was her special day and that people should not spread hate comments. In her original post, Brittany clarified that the altered dress was only used for the rehearsal, and she wore a different dress on her wedding day, as evidenced by the photos she shared on her Instagram account.