On a busy highway in Las Vegas, Nevada, a heartwarming incident unfolded as a Nevada State Trooper demonstrated exceptional compassion and quick thinking to save a small kitten.

The officer’s dashboard camera captured the remarkable event, showing her determined pursuit of the frightened cat along the roadside.

With her vehicle pulled over, Officer Estrada approached the terrified kitten, offering reassuring words and letting it know that everything would be okay.

However, the gray kitten, overwhelmed by fear, darted closer to the traffic, prompting the trooper to act swiftly to prevent any harm.

Undeterred by the dangerous situation, Officer Estrada persisted in her efforts to rescue the kitten and managed to coax it to safety.

During the ride back to the station, the rescued animal sought refuge in the glove compartment of the trooper’s vehicle.

The Nevada State Police acknowledged the incident on social media, highlighting Trooper Estrada’s prompt response after receiving multiple calls about a kitten near a busy highway on-ramp. The video footage showcases the trooper’s dedication and the heartwarming outcome of her brave rescue mission.

Following the rescue, the officers involved showered the kitten with care and affection, leading them to name it ‘Trooper Kitty’.

The feline, now given a new chance at life, was later adopted by a loving family.

The uplifting dash cam footage of the incident not only demonstrates the compassion exhibited by law enforcement but also serves as a reminder of the positive impact individuals can have on the lives of vulnerable animals in need.