For a creature, life on the streets can be difficult. You have to be concerned about getting food and water, as well as a safe place to sleep. You also have to be concerned about people who could care less about you.

The baby cow in the video was discovered motionless by the side of the road and given the name Bambi by his rescuers. His foot had been crushed by a truck, but a kind stranger wrapped his damaged leg in a towel to stop the bleeding and then contacted Animal Aid Unlimited.

We’re no strangers to the incredible lengths to which the individuals at this rescue organization would go for animals, so this baby calf was in safe hands from the start, even if his mother didn’t recognize it.

We can only image how difficult Mama Cow’s day must have been; how helpless she must have felt when her kid was injured, and how terrified she must have felt when strange people came to take her baby away. Fortunately for her (and Bambi), the rescuers helped calm mama cow’s concerns by accompanying her to the rescue center, ensuring that her baby would never be separated from her. Cows are intellectual, empathetic, and sociable creatures, and a mother’s attachment with her kid is quite strong.

The good news is that the amazing rescue crew was able to assist and heal this tiny one! Take a look at how Bambi leaped with pleasure as he played and cuddled with his new human and cow buddies.

Isn’t his adorableness enough to make you smile?