Finding the ideal parking spot is the torment of every driver’s existence, but in rare cases, the need for the nearest spot might endanger others. People illegally park in front of fire hydrants for convenient access, as you’ve probably observed, but firefighters are telling these careless parkers that this is a matter of life and death.

“This is what occurs when you park in front of a hydrant,” some New Jersey firefighters captioned a photo of a car with its windows broken and a hose snaked through it two months ago. This photo was taken last night at the fire on Norway Avenue in Hamilton’s Bromley neighborhood. It’s important to remember that parking in front of a fire hydrant is illegal.”

Whether you like it or not, the costly automobile damage was well-deserved. Hydrants are important in firefighting since fire vehicles can only carry 500 gallons of water, which isn’t enough to put out a “dumpster fire.” Essex County Fire & Rescue Service station manager Martyn Hare reiterated that comfort is not worth a life.

“We understand that people prefer to park outside their houses and aren’t doing it on purpose,” Hare said. “However, we are asking residents to consider whether their parking is putting lives in danger.”

See photographs of poor drivers who learnt their lesson about hydrant parking the hard way in the gallery below.

Parking in front of a fire hydrant may appear to be convenient, but it might endanger people’s lives.

Firefighters need fast access to these hydrants and will not hesitate to cause some collateral damage to your vehicle.

Because fire vehicles can only carry 500 gallons of water, which is only enough to put out a “dumpster fire,” hydrants are vital in the firefighting process.

Consider this the next time you see a “open” hydrant parking spot, so you don’t wind up costing a life because of your selfish parking.

People felt sorry for those who had their cars and other vehicles ruined and hoped they had learned their lesson…