Being away from wild creatures is sometimes the best solution. This man has been to Yellowstone National Park and now knew everything there was to know about it.

Summer is the perfect season to spend time with your family because children look forward to this time of year all year and want to see new things and travel with their parents.

However, a man recently had a terrible encounter with wildlife and learned the hard way that meddling with a bison is never a good idea.

Because the bison was blocking traffic, Raymond Reinke, 55, of Pendleton, Oregon, stepped out of his car and began shouting at the animal. The wild animal, on the other hand, couldn’t stand him for long. As a result, the bison assaulted the man in front of everyone in their automobiles. The man was quickly apprehended.

It was an excellent example and a life lesson for the viewers, reminding them that people should stay in their automobiles in national parks since wild animals are free to do anything they want and travel wherever they want.

“The animals in Yellowstone are wild and unpredictable, no matter how peaceful they appear,” the Yellowstone website advises. Seeing wild animals from inside a car is the safest (and often best) way to see them. Bears and wolves should always be kept at least 100 yards away, while all other species, including bison and elk, should be kept at least 25 yards away.”

Here is the video: