The female calf, Msituni, was born with hyperextension of the carpi, which caused her front legs to bend incorrectly, according to a press statement from the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. The unfortunate creature struggled to walk as a result until leg braces were supplied to the baby giraffe.

Without any assistance, the young giraffe would definitely have perished in the wild because it was extremely difficult to survive with such short legs. In order to solve the issue, veterinarians at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park worked with orthotics from the Hanger Clinic.

Despite the fact that the Hanger clinic often sees human patients, this time a small giraffe needs to be treated. She was given another opportunity by the vets. Msituni soon made such progress that the leg braces were eventually taken off and she was no longer in need of antibiotics. And maybe most significantly, she has returned to the herd in the giraffe habitat of the park.

Hearing such news delighted the personnel at the Safari Park as well as the veterinarians. The world’s tallest animals should have sturdy legs to support their long necks.