Woodpeckers are unusual and lovely birds. Do you know that they have a force output of up to 1400 g?

If their heads are banged with merely 60 to 100 g, people can sustain a concussion. Therefore, woodpeckers are extremely strong birds. Consider a woodpecker perched atop your head. Brittany Bronson, a woman, experienced this.

Brittany couldn’t have predicted that something so bizarre would transpire when the woodpecker entered their kitchen through an open window. The woman had hair that resembled a nest, and the woodpecker suddenly jumped on it.

Colton, Brittany’s brother, struggled to free the bird from the hair because it was stuck in there with its tough nails. He questioned what to do with the bird after catching it with his fingers. Brittany was so kind that even after the poor little bird had endured so much pain, she still chose to assist it. Colton and his sister gave the bird the cartoon character Woody’s name.

The infant was now in Holly’s Nest Animal Rescue’s custody. Woody should remain there till his release date arrives. The rescue facility would take care of Woody for a short while because she was too small to feed herself.

Here is the video: