In one year, the mom gave birth to three little angels. She never anticipated having another child, but she soon learned that good things in life really do come in threes.

Parenthood is a crucial stage in life. Being a parent is a powerful experience that profoundly alters a person. Any parent will have great satisfaction in seeing their children mature and become parents in their own right.

It has gained widespread attention that the mother gave birth to three children in the same year, but they aren’t triplets, which is remarkable. Stephanie Hansen’s delivery experience astounded everyone.

The single mother gave birth to three children in a year, but they are not triplets.

Her first child was born on January 28, 2020. When she learned that she was pregnant again after three months, she was shocked.

The 32-year-old mother tested positive for pregnancy before starting birth control because she was in a new relationship at the time. She didn’t anticipate the good test results, but she soon discovered she was three weeks along.

When Hansen found out about her second pregnancy, Daphne had only been alive for 94 days. She welcomed her twins more than ten months after giving birth to Daphne.

The single mother claimed that she was in a “newborn fog” and adjusting to her new relationship at the time, so the news had utterly impressed her. At first, Hansen battled a wide range of conflicting feelings, including guilt.

She was especially worried about Daphne, her oldest daughter, and thought she might not be able to give her the attention and care she required.

When she brought the twins home, though, her melancholy subsided. At the time, Daphne was unable to walk, but she instantly adored her little sisters and adored showering them with loving hugs and sweet kisses.

The mother of three admits that being a single parent may be stressful even though she is no longer romantically linked with the father of her twins.

Despite no longer being together, Hansen and her ex still get along well and share parenting of the three girls. Hansen remembered that although she was devastated to split up with her ex, she mustered the strength to act responsibly and move on.

The devoted mother blogs about her experiences as a mother on TT, where she has amassed over 5,000 followers and published a number of music videos starring her three gorgeous girls.

The mother said that having her children was the best and nicest thing that had ever happened to her!