The infant food chef Kobe already has more than 1.3 million Instagram followers. He has nearly as many as Guy Fieri does! Kobe’s mom claimed she had no idea the toddler chef’s cooking videos would become so well-liked.

This little cook is actually cute. He has blonde hair that peeks out from under a red chef hat. Kobe also has a crimson apron that matches. You can’t help but smile when you see him because of how contagious his smile is.

He is mixing, eating, stirring, and sampling various dishes while speaking in baby babble. Kobe enjoys assisting and watching his parents bake and cook. He pours the elements into each product with great passion.

Kobe is standing in front of a dish full of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at one point, grinning. As he tastes various dishes, his facial expressions are hilarious.

Ashley, Kobe’s mother, says, “He has such a large, vibrant personality and has so much joy performing it, I decided to capture it to share first with friends and family.” Kobe appears to be a camera nut.

When Kobe is joyful, he even flashes his bare tummy and smacks it. Kobe occasionally pours his ingredients into the wrong bowl. In case of disaster, his mother sits close by him in the shadows of the camera.

Kobe’s parents claim that by the time he was one, he had tried more than 100 different dishes. When he doesn’t like a dish, he shakes his head back and forth while muttering some unfavorable phrases. “These simple films of us cooking together turned into something we never expected,” said Kobe’s mom…