It’s challenging not to cry while viewing this video. The narrative of the girl who noticed how her father had treated her mother is depicted in the lyrics to the song “Like My Father.” He’s taken all the necessary actions to love well in this situation.

In this song about recounting stories, Cara Hendriks’ distinctive voice flits over and under each note. She effortlessly hits the high notes with a lovely whistle and roughness.

The judges pay close attention to Cara while she sings. Near the end of her performance, two judges mimic to one another before turning their chairs.

Cara clearly smiles throughout the song as she gracefully closes it out, expressing her happiness. The audience cheers enthusiastically, and Cara’s family is ecstatic backstage.

Cara mentions her own dad and how much he has loved her mother when the judges ask her about the rationale behind the song selection. She claims that she wants to marry a man who is similar to him. The judges praise her for being a wise old soul while the audience “awws.”

Cara’s voice is stunning and unique, and her feelings for her parents are even more uncommon. Good luck to this lovely teen and her future endeavors.

Watch the performance below!