James Cameron’s massive movie Titanic included as its theme Celine Dion’s powerful ballad “My Heart Will Go On.” Even though it’s been performed countless times by numerous aspiring musicians, the song is challenging to perform well.

Until 9-year-old Emma Cerchi took the stage at The Voice Kids France, we didn’t believe anyone could win. No one could believe what they were hearing when she began to sing.

She has a superb pitch and understands how to open her voice up for those ideal, huge, swelling notes. She doesn’t flinch once, and you’ll understand why after hearing her tale.

Due to a degenerative condition, Emma will soon lose her vision. She cherishes what she has right now despite the fact that if modern medicine cannot find a solution, she will go blind. She values every minute of her vision and doesn’t take it for granted.

Emma, it turns out, has a lot to teach us all. After hearing her audition, it’s clear why she ended up winning the Voice Kids that season. She has an angelic voice.

Watch the video below!