When Abu, a thirteen-year-old boy, went on stage at “The Voice Kids Belgium,” he was able to make everyone in the room fall in love with him. And fate really did make it happen.

He was raised in a family of musicians.

They helped the boy in every way they could and helped him become even better at music.

Then he met Rene Angel.

Then everyone in the world knew about her lyrical soprano, which was full of feelings and feelings.

She was the fourteenth child in a family with French-Canadian roots. She was born on March 13, 1996, which was the 196th year of the Dion family.

The event took place in the small town of Charlie, which later became a big part of Montreal, the biggest city in the Canadian province of Quebec.

Here, the future star spent his or her whole childhood. Here is where he started his path to a world-class career. Her family was always there for her. Adhemar and Teresa Dion had small bars that they ran. This place not only helped them make a little money, but it also brought the whole family together.

The children sang while the father played the accordion and the mother played the violin. Every Sunday, these kinds of concerts were held, which gave little Celine a great chance to improve her skills and learn how to talk more on stage.