So many of us could have used a professional makeover, but we either don’t have the guts or don’t want to pay for it.

Debbie was getting close to her 60th birthday and could go either way. Either let her hair go gray or find someone she can trust to give her a makeover.

Christopher Hopkins, who is known as the “Makeover Man,” came into the picture at this point, and all of her dreams came true.

Her new look is incredible, and she looks like a totally different person.

Debbie said she didn’t want to look younger or prettier. Instead, she just wanted to be “the best version of herself.”

And she got it by going to the skilled stylist.

She said that her husband didn’t understand why she needed it, but that her daughter had given her the courage to go do something for herself.


Debbie couldn’t believe how different she looked when she went to his beauty salon.

“He (her husband) won’t know me,” she said when she saw how it turned out. “My family won’t know me, and I don’t know myself.”

When Debbie’s mother joked that he could paint her hair green or purple if he wanted, Christopher laughed with her.

Now you can see how much she has changed and how happy she is afterward. You lost ten years, and during that time, Debbie, you became a movie star. Well done!