We all grew up with The Simpsons in some way. No one should be surprised if someone makes a reference or at least knows them from pictures or videos.

So it’s not strange that some people only know about things from the yellow family of Springfield. Gabriel Martnez is a young woman who really likes The Simpsons and is very good at making art. In 2015, he decided to combine the two parts of his life and started posting stitched scenes from The Simpsons on his Instagram account.

As soon as she put them online, they became popular, and people began to follow her. Each embroidery takes her between 10 and 30 hours on average, but it’s worth it when you see the end result. In this gallery, we show 20 of Gabriela’s best paintings, which no doubt helped her get over 100,000 Instagram followers. Follow her so you can see more of her work.

Don’t run away!

One of Krusty’s Hundreds of Adventures.

Lisa’s birth.