Yaroslava is walking toward her goal with confidence and a smile on her face. She knows that even when things are hard, there are always bright moments.

There seems to be a new star on America’s Got Talent who has already won the hearts of millions of people. She doesn’t plan to stop either.

Yaroslava Cheklova, a girl from Ukraine, took part in a virtual casting audition.

Who is this beautiful girl, and why is she in a wheelchair?

Yaroslava was born with a herniated disk in her back. Because of this, she has to use a wheelchair. She’s had 20 surgeries already. Strong Yasya found out 10 years ago that she has kidney failure, which is a very serious illness.

But even though she was told that, Yasya walks with confidence and a smile toward her goal. Dancing makes the young beauty feel good and gives her new ideas. By dancing to music, she can also forget about her diagnosis, at least for a little while.

Every day, her dreams come true. For example, she wanted to dance with Akhtem Seytablaev five years ago (actor and director). Then, on the show “Dancing with the Stars,” a miracle happened that no one saw coming.

Now, the blonde beauty will keep on dancing. She has a new goal: she wants to be the best wheelchair dancer in the world. The girl has already won awards at several fairs and contests.

It’s not the first time Ukrainian girls have been on the world-famous talent show America’s Got Talent on NBC. Yasya dances with her partner Denis in this project. The judges liked the two of them and how they did each night. We’re looking forward to hearing about the results, which will be soon.

By the way, our heroine only dances for fun. Her main goal is to raise money so she can get surgery on her spine, which could help her health. After all, for her family, 4.5 million hryvnias is a lot of money.