Some people always do the right thing, no matter what is going on in their lives. This 11-year-old boy is an example of the norm.

Vance Heetpas, 11, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, was walking around a park with his dad, Lorenzo, when they found a wallet on the ground.

Vance Hoetpas and his father looked outside and found a driver’s license with an address.

When Vince went to the address to give the wallet back to its rightful owner, he was rewarded in a way he never expected.

The wallet belonged to Chase Dahlke, who is 17 years old. When Vince called, Chase was out, so his dad, Jason, thanked Vince but only had a couple of dollars on him to give to the honest fifth grader.

Jason said, “I was still kind of shocked that someone could do a nice thing like this.”

But when Chase’s stepmother heard about Vince’s kind act, she decided she wanted to do more than give him a couple of dollars as a reward.

This woman wrote a thank-you note to Vince on Facebook and asked if anyone knew him or his family. Her Facebook friends were able to connect the two families, and Michelle was so happy to hear about it.

Lorenzo, Vince’s dad, got C*V*D-19. While he was getting better, he had trouble breathing and couldn’t wear a protective mask, so he couldn’t go to work.

“It’s good to do the right thing.”

Michelle decided to set up a GoFundMe campaign to help Lorenzo’s family get the money they need. Residents of the area gave a lot of money, and so far more than $9,000 has been raised.

Michelle said that she was overwhelmed by the number of people asking how they could help “this family who has raised this child so well.”

But Vincent’s motivation is easy to understand: “Doing the right thing is good,” he said.