Christopher Maloney had to wait five long years before he had the courage to show the world what he could do. Christopher felt sick and nervous when he thought about getting up in front of a crowd. How could he perform for millions of people if he couldn’t do it for his own family and friends? But Christopher practiced for a long time and was able to sing a great song.

When you see how well he did, you’ll understand why his video went viral.

Christopher chose a song that he was sure would impress the judges if he sang it well. He chose “The Rose” by Bette Midler instead of a simple song. Christopher knew that it wouldn’t be easy to sing this song well. To win over the picky judges of The X Factor, he would have to do it perfectly. He did that exact thing! He belted out Bette’s heartfelt words to the studio and home audiences. The judges knew right away that the man who was performing in front of them was very talented. Christopher could have been a star because he had a great voice and was good on stage.

When he stood in front of the judges, Christopher quickly got over his stage fright for good. The hit song he chose to sing was the right one, because they could hear that he was good. We were reminded by his performance that you can always face your fears and do what you really want to do. Don’t waste your time on a job or hobby that makes you unhappy when you’d rather be doing something else. Christopher has shown us that it’s possible for dreams to come true.