People like Robert Reed helped build the United States. The 60-year-old works hard as a janitor and does everything he can to be friendly and easy to talk to for the students at his school.

Reports say that Robert has been a school cleaner at Farmington Elementary School in Germantown, Tennessee, for about four months.

And yet, in that short amount of time, he has won over the hearts of the students who see him every day. Everyone says that Robert is known for looking for extra jobs around the school when he’s done with his janitorial duties.

Students at Reed’s school didn’t know one thing about him, though: he didn’t have a car.

The 60-year-old actually took three buses and walked two miles every day to get to school on time. Then, at the end of the day, he would go back the way he came, which meant he wouldn’t get home until around 8 p.m.

Robert’s coworkers knew how hard it was for him to get to work. Some of them drove him to the bus stop some days after school, and others gave him money for lunch. The janitor had hoped to start a yard business to make more money, but he didn’t have a truck, so he couldn’t do it.

Then, one day, people at work decided to go one step further with their kindness. They put their heads and hearts together to do something really special for Robert. After a successful online fundraiser, they pooled their money and bought him a new truck.

As you might expect, Robert was very surprised by what his coworkers had planned. In fact, he was so shocked that he fell to his knees.

Watch the video below to see how Robert reacted when he heard about that: