One of the nicest things you can do is adopt a child who needs a loving home. After being in foster care for a long time, it’s amazing for a child to find out they’re going to be adopted.

The way this cute little boy reacted when he heard he was finally going to be adopted shows just how important adoption is.

Three-year-old Michael Brown lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Little Michael has been in foster care for more than two years of his short life. But he has a family now that he can call his own.

Tara Montgomery, a single mother with three other kids, was taking care of Michael. At first, Montgomery’s plan was to bring Michael back to his birth mother.

She said, “His original plan for his case was for him to be reunited with his “bio-mom.” When that plan didn’t work, a new one was made.

Then all the right papers were signed to make Michael’s adoption official. He lived with the Montgomery family for the rest of his life. And he was so cute when he heard the news. To remember the event, they took pictures of Michael with his new family. The pictures were put on Twitter, and then they became very popular.

“The pictures show everything about who he is,” his new mom said. “He had to tell everyone that he was going to be adopted today. We’re so glad Michael is a part of our lives.”

Montgomery said that she took the pictures and that they were put online to encourage other families to adopt children. She told him, “Just do it if you’re thinking about it. The child will remember what you do for the rest of his or her life.”

What a nice thing to tell tens of thousands of people. Adopting a child is a very loving and kind thing to do.

We send lots of love to Michael and his new “forever family.” Tell your friends and family about this cute story to make their day as well.