“Van life” has become something that a lot of people do.

Whoever has dreamed of living in a house like this can now easily afford to do so.

But this way of life isn’t for everyone, even though it’s more than a dream for this single dad.

He’s always been sure that he’d live in a mobile home one day.

So, this 42-year-old man from the UK named Adam Collier knew how to make his dream come true.

Once, he saw that a person he knew was trying to sell his double-decker bus.

So, he didn’t think twice about buying it to turn it into a nice place to live.

He was a carpenter with “golden hands,” so it was easy for him to build himself and his daughter a dream home.

Soon, he began making the first parts of their new mobile home.

His 12-year-old daughter said that her dad always had a spirit of adventure and a lot of ideas.

He came up with creative ideas all the time and made them happen.

Even though there were some structural problems, he was able to fix them and turn the bus into a place to live.

So, it cost him a total of $10,000 to make their dream come true and move into their new home.