A Californian boy who is only four years old saved his brother from drowning. This made him a hero.

As a reward for his brave actions, he got to ride on a fire truck.

On a day in early November, Mason Ochoa, who was four years old, was at home with his parents in Los Angeles.

In the afternoon, Mason was looking out the window when he saw that Nicholas, his one-year-old brother, had fallen into the family pool.

Mason didn’t think twice before running outside to help his brother.

Mason moved quickly to help his brother by grabbing his hand and keeping his head above water.

He shouted for help as loud as he could.

The noise made the boys’ mother run to the pool, where she pulled Nicholas out of the water.

She saw that Nicholas wasn’t breathing and that his face was red, so she told her husband to call 911 right away.

When rescue workers got there, they were able to wake up Nicholas and keep him from suffocating. Doctors found no serious injuries when they looked at the patients.

Mason’s quick thinking and courage impressed the rescue team in his area.

As a way of saying thanks, they invited Mason to the fire station, where he could drive a fire truck, turn on the water hose, and try on a firefighter’s uniform.

After what happened, Mason was recognized for his bravery and given an award.

The fire chief joked that he would be happy to have Mason join his team in 14 years.