She decided to make a big change in her life and how she felt about people.

Meet Asta Young, a cute girl from Hong Kong whose strange looks have taken over the Internet.

Only 134 cm tall, “Thumbelina” is a beauty.

Asta had problems from the time she was a child, and when she was in school, her classmates were mean to her.

So, because she was so small, her friends often made fun of her.

Because of this, she turned in on herself and stopped talking to other kids.

After many years, the pretty girl finished school, but her personality stayed the same.

But she decided to make a big change in how she treated people and how she lived her life when she was alone.

So, something magical happened to her, just like her longtime dream—to be praised, just like her favorite heroes.

She soon got to work to make her dream come true. So, people who used the Internet saw its bright images, which made it a well-known character.

She became more social and friendly with people as she “came out of her shell.”

In the end, she had a lot of good friends.

She even got married and now lives with her husband in the United States.

Her husband adores her “tiny” wife and thinks her cosplay character is great.