But it didn’t help the star get a date, and here’s why.

Many people get dating apps, but they quickly lose interest in them. It turns out that actress Charlize Theron doesn’t like them either, but she did try to use them anyway. They did not, however, help the star find love. Here’s why.

Are dating apps disappointing you more? You’re not the only one who doesn’t like them—Charlize Theron doesn’t either. The actress has found the problem with online dating.

Hollywood actress Charlize Theron tried to meet people through dating apps so she could have a personal life. But this experience made the actress feel bad.

You have to text these guys, and then the flirting starts, which is a little awkward because you don’t know the person. And even though they try to be nice, they say strange things like, “What’s up, sexy?” This seems like a mess.

“That’s why I’m still alone,” she said. I like when an old friend puts me in touch with someone new. Theron said, “I’m old-fashioned.”

There is some truth to what she said. These kinds of relationships often feel forced, and conversations end up being too cliched, which doesn’t make for a romantic atmosphere and doesn’t get the desired result.