This advice is good for everyone and should be taken into account.

Kaya Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s daughter, decided to follow in her mom’s footsteps and become a model. The girl pays attention to the advice people give her and recently gave one of her own.

You’ll be surprised, but it’s true for everyone and worth keeping in mind, even if you don’t want to win the race.

Children of supermodels who stayed in the business because their parents did have connections have been criticized a lot lately because it was easier for them to make it in the business because their parents did.

Kaya Gerber doesn’t try to hide the fact that her famous mother gave her advice, but after reading one, you can see that Cindy taught her daughter not to be too proud of her position and to treat everyone with respect.

The right way to do things and great advice that everyone can use.

In a recent interview, this is what Kaya had to say about what her mom told her:

“Mom taught me that I shouldn’t be late. Take the time to learn everyone’s names and treat everyone with respect. There will always be people who want to take your place if you aren’t happy to be there and don’t feel grateful.

So, even when I was very tired, wanted to go home, or felt lonely, I told myself how lucky I was. She also said, “I’m sorry I didn’t write more.

You think you’ll always remember all the amazing moments, but one day you’ll realize it’s hard to even remember what kind of shooting it was, where it took place, and when it happened. So I started writing in a journal.

In 50 years, Kaya will have written her life story.