A woman named Tina suffered a heart attack while hiking with her husband of 30 years, Brian. Her condition was dire, and Brian was the first to administer CPR upon realizing she wasn’t breathing.

Fortunately, he managed to revive her, but from the moment the ambulance arrived until she reached the hospital, Tina teetered on the brink of death multiple times.

Tina Hines of Arizona Went to Heaven & Met Jesus | God Updates

Medics had to resuscitate her a total of six times, resulting in Tina being “dead” for 27 minutes in total.

Despite receiving critical medical intervention, Tina, a mother of four, remained in a precarious state and was unable to speak.

Ominous note woman who died for 27 minutes scribbled for her family after she miraculously came 'back from heaven' | The US Sun

Brian fervently prayed for her recovery day and night, pleading with God to spare her life. When doctors informed him that Tina had regained consciousness, he felt his prayers had been answered.

Although still weak, Tina signaled for a pen and paper. It was evident to the doctors and her family that she had something significant to communicate.

Woman woke up after being 'dead' for 27 minutes then scribbled spine-chilling message

As they handed her the pen, Tina wrote something chilling on the paper. Those present recounted feeling a shiver run down their spines upon reading her words.

For the full account of Tina’s miraculous survival, her near-death experience, and the chilling message she conveyed, watch the video below.