The blow from Andrea caught Alvin off guard, knocking the wind out of him both physically and emotionally. He staggered back, feeling a mix of shock, betrayal, and heartbreak wash over him. Unable to comprehend what was happening, he stumbled backward, his mind reeling with disbelief.

Carol’s betrayal cut him to the core. He had never imagined that she would go through with marrying someone else, especially not on their wedding day. The pain of her betrayal felt like a physical weight pressing down on him, suffocating him with its intensity.

As he struggled to process the situation, Alvin felt a surge of anger and humiliation welling up inside him. How could Carol do this to him? How could she stand there, professing her love to another man, while he stood there watching, powerless to stop it?

But amid the chaos of his emotions, there was also a glimmer of clarity. In that moment, Alvin realized that Carol was not the woman he thought she was. Their love may have been strong, but it was not strong enough to withstand the ultimate test of loyalty.

With a heavy heart, Alvin turned and walked away from the church, leaving behind the shattered remnants of his dreams. As he stepped out into the cold, unforgiving world outside, he knew that he would never be the same again. But somehow, he also knew that he would find a way to pick up the pieces and move on, even if it meant doing so alone.

“Andrea urged Alvin to depart immediately. She believed it was in Carol’s best interest to pursue a happier life, one that she thought Alvin couldn’t provide. With a firm gesture, she directed him to leave and never return.”

He felt the urge to object, but witnessing Carol slipping a ring onto the man’s finger rendered him speechless. With a heavy heart, Alvin exited the church and retreated to his car, grappling with disbelief over Carol’s actions.

Years drifted by, yet Alvin couldn’t shake Carol from his thoughts. Despite moving forward with his life, she lingered in his memories like an unresolved chord.

One day, curiosity gnawed at him, compelling him to seek closure. He yearned to discover if Carol had found the happiness they once envisioned together: a blissful family, laughter-filled home, and cherished dreams fulfilled. A simple search on Facebook held the answers he sought.

Perusing her profile, he noted an abundance of photos featuring a young girl, presumably her daughter, and occasional snapshots of her parents. Yet conspicuously absent were any images of a husband. Was she divorced, Alvin pondered.

To assuage his uncertainties, he mustered the courage to reach out to Carol. To his astonishment, she promptly replied, and they arranged to rendezvous at a park near her residence.

Their reunion stirred a whirlwind of emotions, reigniting the flames of longing that Alvin had harbored for Carol all these years. Despite the passage of time, his love for her remained steadfast, undiminished by the heartache of her betrayal on their wedding day.

As they settled onto a nearby bench, Alvin broached the topic that had weighed heavily on his mind since that fateful day.

“Do you mind if we talk about what happened between us?” he ventured, his voice tinged with a mixture of apprehension and curiosity.

Perplexed, Carol furrowed her brow, unsure of what he meant. “What do you mean?” she inquired, her gaze searching his face for clues.

Alvin met her gaze with a mixture of incredulity and sadness. “When I arrived at the church, I saw you marrying someone else,” he explained, his words tinged with disbelief. “Why did you make that choice?”

Carol’s eyes widened in bewilderment, her confusion mirroring Alvin’s own. “You got to the church?” she echoed, her voice tinged with disbelief.

Alvin nodded, his brows furrowing in frustration. “Yes, I did,” he affirmed, his tone tinged with frustration. “I may have been a bit late, but I made it to our wedding. And when I got there, I saw you… with someone else, exchanging rings.”

As realization dawned on both of them, a wave of perplexity washed over the conversation, leaving more questions than answers in its wake.

“You… you were there?” Carol repeated in disbelief, her voice trembling with emotion.

Alvin’s heart sank as he processed her words. “What are you saying, Carol?”

“I thought you had left me forever!” she cried, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Shock coursed through Alvin as he struggled to comprehend her confession. “But why didn’t you try to contact me?” he demanded, his voice tinged with frustration. “I would’ve explained everything. I received a message that none of my family would be attending, and I was devastated.”

Carol buried her face in her hands, overwhelmed by guilt and regret. “I was so hurt and confused,” she whispered between sobs. “I didn’t know what to do, and when my mom suggested marrying Colin, I just… I couldn’t bear the thought of being abandoned at the altar.”

As the weight of their miscommunication settled upon them, the air thickened with unresolved emotions, leaving both Alvin and Carol grappling with the consequences of their actions.