The couple’s journey to parenthood was filled with challenges as they struggled to conceive naturally. Despite their efforts, they experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage on two occasions.

Determined to fulfill their dream of having a baby, they turned to in vitro fertilization (IVF), a costly procedure. However, they were willing to do whatever it took to welcome a child into their lives.

The pregnancy progressed smoothly, with no signs of trouble, and the baby appeared to be healthy. However, upon the baby’s birth, it was revealed that she had a mild form of limb deformity, with her feet twisted inwards. While the doctors assured the family that the condition could be corrected through surgery, the father became enraged and refused to hold the baby.

He, along with his mother and sister, engaged in a heated argument with the medical staff, displaying hysterical behavior that left the baby’s mother in shock.

Despite the doctors’ assurances that the corrective surgery would restore the girl to full health, the father adamantly refused to pay for the procedure. Without further ado, he and his family abruptly left the hospital.

Days later, the woman’s mother attempted to reason with her son-in-law, urging him to reconsider his stance. However, she was shocked to discover that he had secretly filed for divorce just a day after their daughter’s birth.

We can’t imagine that there are people like this father who run away the moment the first obstacle comes on the way.