Parenting three children while navigating the expectations of royal life presents a unique challenge for Kate Middleton and Prince William. Recently, Prince George’s potential future schooling has been in the spotlight, with the young prince already visiting a prestigious institution that processes applications three years in advance.

Echoing his father’s footsteps, there’s speculation that Prince George may attend Eton College, an elite institution with a distinguished reputation. However, recent rumors suggest tension between Prince William and Kate Middleton regarding their children’s education choices, with reports indicating the Princess of Wales feeling “heartbroken” by recent decisions.

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Despite their busy schedules, Prince William and Princess Kate have been diligently fulfilling their royal duties, with Prince William recently returning from a trip while Kate remained in the UK, focusing on her responsibilities and caring for their children.

Amidst their packed schedules, Princess Kate has scaled back her engagements to spend more time caring for her eldest son, Prince George, who, along with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, is currently enjoying a break from school. With Prince George’s upcoming tests, the family is prioritizing time together during this break, while Prince William is expected to attend the Earthshot Prize Award ceremony. As the royal children enjoy their school break, Princess Kate remains dedicated to nurturing their family life.

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Given her unwavering dedication to her family, Kate Middleton has made the decision to forgo attending the Earthshot Prize Award ceremony, where her husband will be honored. Instead, she plans to remain at home to provide support for Prince George, who is scheduled to take exams during that week, as revealed by a source to The Mirror.

Currently, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis attend Lambrook School, conveniently located not far from their residence on the Windsor grounds in Kensington, London. The school offers a range of activities for the royal children, and the proximity of siblings likely provides a comforting environment for them.

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As the children grow older, discussions have already begun regarding their future education. Prince William and Kate Middleton are faced with a crucial decision, but they have already identified a new school for Prince George to attend, signaling their careful consideration of his educational journey.

Eton College emerged as a potential schooling option for Prince George after he and his parents were spotted exploring the prestigious institution. Both Prince William and Prince Harry attended this renowned boarding school during their college years.

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With tuition costs soaring around £46,000 ($59,000) per year, registering for Eton is required when children turn ten, despite them not starting until they are thirteen.

The prospect of Prince George attending Eton prompts scrutiny of Kate Middleton’s advocacy for leveling the playing field in education. Royal journalist Richard Palmer finds it intriguing, suggesting it may raise questions about Kate’s stance on inequality.

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Former BBC royal expert Jennie Bond shares her reservations, questioning the logic behind sending the children to boarding school when William and Kate have emphasized providing a typical upbringing. She suggests it’s likely an all-or-nothing scenario: either all three children attend boarding school or none of them do. Bond expresses her hope that the couple chooses to keep their children close, nurturing them through their teenage years just as they have throughout their childhood.

The issue of where royal children receive their education has long been a subject of debate in history. A prime example of this is King Charles, who underwent his schooling at the renowned Gordonstoun boarding school situated in Moray, Scotland. Although Prince Philip, the young prince’s father, was also an alum, King Charles did not share the same positive experience.

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Reports suggest that King Charles faced significant torment from his peers, leading to a far more traumatic experience than his father endured. At one point, Charles even likened his time at Gordonstoun to serving a term in jail.

In letters dated 1964, King Charles expressed profound homesickness, with one letter describing his dormitory mates as “vile folks.” His struggles were vividly depicted in the television series “The Crown,” offering insight into this challenging chapter of his life.

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It became evident that King Charles would not subject his own children to the hardships he endured at Gordonstoun. Consequently, William, destined for kingship, was able to pursue his education at Eton College in London.

Reports from The Mirror suggest that Prince Charles, while alive, could have also attended Eton. However, Prince Philip argued against this, citing concerns about privacy due to the proximity to Windsor.

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Prince William’s enrollment at Eton in 1995 marked a historic moment, as he became the first senior member of the royal family to attend the esteemed institution. Other members of the royal family had previously attended schools in Berkshire, including Princess Diana’s brother and father, as well as Queen Elizabeth’s late cousins, Prince Edward, Prince Richard, and Prince Michael.

The choice of schooling for royal children has historically been a topic of scrutiny, exemplified by the educational experiences of King Charles and his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

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Following in his brother’s footsteps, Prince Harry enrolled at Eton College three years after Prince William. However, during their time there, a rift appeared to form between the two royal siblings.

In a candid interview with CBS, Prince Harry discussed his school days and his relationship with Prince William. He revealed that William once suggested they act as strangers, even while attending the same school—a remark that deeply hurt Harry.

Harry expressed his confusion and hurt over William’s request, particularly as they shared the same environment. Despite being brothers, William’s insistence on keeping their distance at school left Harry feeling rejected.

In his book “Spare,” Harry further elaborated on William’s desire for independence at Eton, where William considered the school his sanctuary away from familial obligations. Harry recounted William’s words, indicating his older brother’s determination to carve out his own space.

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Looking ahead, there’s speculation whether Prince George will become the first member of his generation to attend Eton in three years. While the decision is yet to be finalized, for now, he and his siblings enjoy their time at Lambrook School.

The prospect of Prince George attending boarding school, particularly Eton, evokes mixed emotions for Princess Kate. Reports suggest she reluctantly accepted George’s desire to follow in his father’s footsteps, despite her own negative experience with boarding school.

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Kate endured bullying during her time at Downe House, an all-girls boarding school, leading to feelings of insecurity and unhappiness. Her parents spent a considerable sum on tuition, hoping for a positive experience, but Kate’s struggles persisted.

Experts and former classmates attribute Kate’s difficulties to the cliquey nature of the school environment, compounded by her late enrollment and non-residential status.

After confiding in her parents, Kate changed schools, resulting in a significant improvement in her well-being. It’s a path she hopes her son Prince George will never have to endure.

Regardless of where George attends school, Kate remains committed to ensuring his well-being and happiness, determined to shield him from the challenges she faces.