Various cultures across the globe hold distinctive wedding customs. From placing sugar cubes in gloves to adorning hands and feet with henna designs, traditions vary widely. In a widely-shared TikTok video from 2023, bride Brittany Dalena revealed her family’s longstanding ritual. However, when Brittany tied the knot herself, she opted for a departure from tradition, prompting mixed reactions.

In the video, Brittany dons a two-piece white ensemble featuring puffy sleeves and a fitted skirt. Keeping her accessories minimal, she accessorizes with earrings, bracelets, a white handbag, and heels. As she approaches an acquaintance for a hug, an elder woman is visibly surprised by Brittany’s attire, exclaiming, “Oh my God! No way!” Despite the initial shock, Brittany warmly embraces the woman, leading to an emotional moment.

To provide background, Brittany concluded the video with a slideshow of vintage family photos, showcasing different women in her family wearing the same dress on their wedding days. However, Brittany’s dress stood out as it had undergone alterations. In the caption, she clarified that it was a third-generation wedding dress repurposed for the rehearsal.

The video was shared on both Brittany’s Instagram and TikTok profiles, eliciting a range of reactions from viewers regarding her decision to modify the dress. One viewer praised the dress and found the older woman’s reaction touching, commenting, “The dress is stunning, and grandma’s response brought tears to my eyes. I adore this. Was the alteration a surprise? Did Grandma know beforehand? Either way, witnessing it on her must have been incredible. It’s so heartwarming.” Another viewer echoed similar sentiments, appreciating Brittany’s gesture as genuinely endearing.

However, not all feedback was positive. Some users criticized the decision to transform the dress into a two-piece ensemble. One commenter questioned why Brittany would “cut and ruin” her mother’s wedding dress, while another went as far as to say that the alteration “damaged” the dress and tainted the memories associated with it. This commenter expressed disappointment that the dress was not preserved in its original form.

Fortunately, some individuals came to Brittany’s defense and supported her choices. One user emphasized that it was her special day and urged others not to spread hate comments. In her original post, Brittany clarified that the altered dress was only worn for the rehearsal, and she donned a different dress on her actual wedding day, as evidenced by the photos she shared on her Instagram account.


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