Each day, Gloria eagerly anticipated her older brother Anthony’s return from school. Their routine was disrupted when Anthony failed to disembark from the school bus one day, sparking concern from their mother, Lynn. Eventually, Anthony emerged, but the incident left Lynn wary, especially with the arrival of a new bus driver the following day.

Gloria, just four years old, watched anxiously for Anthony’s bus, a routine in their secure Maryland neighborhood. When the bus arrived, Gloria alerted her mother, who unlocked the door to let her out. However, a phone call momentarily distracted Lynn, and when she returned, Gloria stood alone outside, questioning Anthony’s absence.

Despite Gloria’s uncertainty, Lynn accompanied her back inside, attempting to reach Anthony on his mobile phone to no avail. Sensing something amiss, Lynn hurriedly strapped Gloria into the car and drove to the school to locate Anthony.

Fortunately, Anthony’s teacher confirmed that all students had boarded the bus, allaying Lynn’s fears. However, just as Lynn received a call from Anthony, explaining a delay due to a bus breakdown, the new bus driver’s presence raised suspicions.

The next morning, when an early visitor claiming to be the new bus driver arrived, Lynn’s intuition signaled trouble. Refusing his offer to take Anthony, Lynn’s instincts proved right when their regular driver, Charlie, arrived shortly afterward.

Concerned, Lynn contacted the school and the police, who apprehended the imposter bus driver, revealing him to be a wanted kidnapper. The incident prompted the school to implement stricter safety measures, earning Lynn praise from the community for her quick thinking and vigilance.