When an Australian woman tied the knot with her husband, she had no inkling that the very next day, he would be proposing a divorce. A mere two weeks post-wedding, the couple’s marriage ended in divorce. While some individuals enter matrimony with the intention of a lifelong partnership, life often throws unexpected curveballs.

Rachel, the recently-wedded bride, shared her story on the radio show “Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield,” hosted by Abbie Chatfield and Rohan Edwards. She delved into the reasons behind her husband’s swift desire to terminate their marriage.

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During a live broadcast, listeners were given an explanation of Rachel’s story, but it gained traction online after a TikTok video featuring Rohan Edwards and Abbie Chatfield conversing with the Sydney-based woman surfaced. The clip, lasting over a minute, was captioned “What’s your shortest relationship?”

In the video, Edwards asked Rachel about her shortest relationship, to which she replied, “I had only been married for 24 hours when my husband asked for a divorce.” Intrigued by her brief marriage, Edwards inquired about what went wrong that day.

Rachel explained that she and her husband had gone out the night before their wedding and were exhausted upon returning to their hotel room. Despite knowing her husband for years and having a physical relationship with him, their dynamic changed drastically when she didn’t fulfill his desires.

She recounted feeling fatigued from the wedding festivities, but her husband insisted on intimacy. Rachel’s refusal to comply with his wishes led to the swift deterioration of their relationship.

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“I was miserable,” confessed Rachel. The following day, her newlywed spouse dropped the bombshell that he wanted a divorce. Rachel recounted how they couldn’t bear to be together any longer and promptly separated.

Edwards and Chatfield were stunned upon learning the reason behind Rachel’s husband’s decision to end their marriage. They couldn’t fathom how someone could abandon their bride mere hours after tying the knot simply because she wasn’t in the mood for intimacy.

“What a revolting man!” exclaimed Chatfield, expressing her shock at Rachel’s ordeal. Meanwhile, Edwards expressed his bewilderment, unable to comprehend why Rachel’s husband was upset over her being tired.

The hosts emphasized that it’s perfectly acceptable for couples not to engage in intimacy immediately after their wedding, especially considering the long hours spent celebrating and enjoying the festivities.

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Edwards and Chatfield concurred with Rachel, noting that it’s common for couples not to engage in intimacy on their wedding night. Rachel’s divorce was finalized just two weeks after her husband announced his intention to divorce her, making her marriage the shortest of her life. She had never anticipated such a turn of events.

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