In an extraordinary display of generosity, a patron left a staggering $10,000 tip on a mere $32 bill at The Mason Jar Cafe in Benton Harbor, Michigan, leaving the staff utterly astonished.

Manager Tim Sweeney, initially in absolute disbelief, engaged in a conversation with the customer to confirm the staggering tip. “Absolute disbelief to begin with. We went back and forth. He wanted to proceed. The server was absolutely shocked,” Sweeney recounted to WOOD-TV, a Grand Rapids-based station.

10k tip Michigan restaurant

The story takes on an even more poignant dimension when the motive behind the $10,000 tip is unveiled. The customer, in town for a friend’s funeral, decided to honor his friend’s memory by leaving the generous tip.

The Mason Jar Cafe shared a photo of the receipt on their Instagram account, expressing profound gratitude for this life-altering gesture. “In a time where so much is happening, we wanted to share and thank the person who did this life-changing act. Things can feel real heavy sometimes, but this was such an amazing act to have seen first hand in our restaurant,” they wrote.

The server who received the extraordinary tip made a selfless decision to distribute the money among the other eight staff members present at the time. “It was just really an act of kindness that impacted so many people,” expressed server Paige Mulick. Each staff member received $1,100, magnifying the impact of this gesture of kindness.

This story serves as a poignant reminder of our calling to embody God’s love through our actions. Just as the customer generously shared his blessings, we are urged to be conduits of blessings to others. In doing so, we mirror the love of Christ in our lives.