Some individuals pursue treasure hunting as a hobby, while others make it their full-time occupation. These treasure hunters scour people’s homes, garages, and basements in search of valuable items. They also participate in auctions for storage units containing unclaimed items, never knowing what they might uncover.

While sometimes they come up empty-handed, other times they stumble upon unexpected treasures. Several years ago, Anton Lulgjuraj began accumulating a collection of abandoned storage units in New York State. Recently, he came across a wallet that had been untouched for fifty years, leaving him astonished at the discovery.

Although Anton Lulgjuraj once stumbled upon a wallet that became the subject of a fascinating newspaper article, he has never made a discovery that significantly impacted his life. After acquiring a storage unit containing belongings belonging to an Air Force pilot, Anton returned home with a variety of items. However, his attention was drawn to a small locker in the room. Upon opening it, he discovered a worn-out wallet inside.

The wallet belonged to Diane Hall, as indicated by a California driver’s license from the late 1960s, an actor’s equity card, and some old photographs found inside by Anton during his investigation. Intrigued by what he found, Anton wanted to learn more, perhaps even identify the owner of the wallet. After conducting further research online, he concluded that Diane Hall was actually the actress Diane Keaton.

Anton decided to reach out to her, believing she would be interested in reclaiming her old wallet. However, he did not receive a response from her until the media picked up on the story. Reflecting on the experience, Anton expressed, “I think everyone always hopes that, you know, if they lose a wallet, they will get their wallet back one day,” a sentiment shared by many. “So, well, this is really great,” he added.