A 25-year-old woman from Florida, USA, discovered that her persistent burping was a symptom of undiagnosed, late-stage cancer. Bailey McBreen began experiencing frequent burping, up to 10 times a day, in 2021.

Initially attributing it to minor causes, she sought medical attention when the symptoms escalated to acid reflux and severe stomach cramps. Following medical evaluation, Ms. McBreen received the devastating diagnosis of stage 3 colon cancer, which came as a shock to her and her family.

“The first indication that something was wrong, although I didn’t realize it at the time, was when I started burping excessively,” Ms. McBreen recounted to NeedToKnow. “I would burp 5-10 times a day. This was not normal for me,” she added.

Ms. McBreen’s health rapidly deteriorated, accompanied by excruciating pain, loss of appetite, and difficulty with bowel movements. Drawing on her nursing expertise, she recognized the signs of a possible obstruction and promptly sought medical attention. A CT scan confirmed her worst fears: she had stage 3 colon cancer, with a tumor obstructing her large intestine.

Reflecting on her diagnosis, Ms. McBreen expressed disbelief that her symptoms could be linked to such a serious illness. She described the experience as surreal, recalling her initial reaction: “I am not ready to die.” The 25-year-old emphasized that she never imagined her vague symptoms could signify stage 3 colon cancer.

Additionally, Ms. McBreen believes that her incessant burping may have been associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which developed approximately a month after she first noticed the burping.

“Excessive burping isn’t typically associated with colon cancer, but my oncologist indicated that it likely marked the onset of my symptoms,” Ms. McBreen explained. “In my case, GERD was a symptom because my tumor was gradually causing a complete bowel obstruction,” she elaborated.

Following her diagnosis, Ms. McBreen underwent emergency surgery to remove the tumor, as reported by People. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment, scheduled until the end of August.

Bailey McBreen’s story serves as a powerful reminder to trust our bodies and seek medical attention if something doesn’t feel right. Colon cancer, while not typically associated with symptoms like excessive burping, can manifest in unexpected ways. It’s crucial to be proactive about our health and advocate for ourselves when necessary.

Let’s take Bailey’s advice to heart and prioritize our well-being. Additionally, her experience sheds light on the importance of early detection and screening for colon cancer, the third most prevalent cancer globally. Awareness and education are key in combating this disease. #ListenToYourBody #ColonCancerAwareness 🩺🧠🌟