On June 5th, 2017, firefighter Rick Ralls was performing his morning duties at Station 5 in Anchorage, Alaska, when he heard a loud crash. Ben Schultz had fallen 95 feet from an aerial ladder. “I saw Ben on the ground and thought he was dead,” Ralls recounted.

Paramedic Shane Wescott was the first to reach Ben, who was unresponsive. “His condition was what we call injuries incompatible with life,” Wescott said. Ben was quickly medevacked to Providence Hospital, where his parents, Joan and Jeff Schultz, anxiously awaited news. They were shocked to learn Ben had sustained a Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI), a severe brain injury with only a 10% survival rate.

Ben’s primary care physician, Dr. Kathy Hurlburt, who had known him for over 15 years, joined the family and consulted with the medical team. “It was highly unlikely he would survive very long,” Hurlburt stated. Jeff Schultz found the news devastating, confessing, “I broke down and screamed because I couldn’t believe this was happening to Ben.”

Joan Schultz approached the situation prayerfully. “I’m thinking, Lord, what is going on? What do you want us to do? And He said, ‘Pray with hope.'” The family called their church to start a prayer chain. Jeff admitted he struggled with anger and fatigue in prayer, but found strength in the support of their community.

After hours of surgery, Ben emerged stable but in a vegetative state. He was transferred to Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado, specializing in traumatic brain injuries. For three months, his family and friends remained by his side, praying for a miracle. Then, about three months after the accident, Ben awoke from his coma.

Although now awake, his future remained uncertain. He faced multiple surgeries and intensive rehab, with the prospect of life in a wheelchair. But months later, Ben astonished everyone by walking unassisted into Station 5. His doctor marveled, “You can’t begin to comprehend what Ben has gone through when you see him today. A fully functional, normal, healthy, vibrant young man.”

Ben, now married to Carly, works in emergency management for the city of Anchorage. His parents believe that the power of God, working through a praying community, is the reason for his miraculous recovery. “Keep hoping and keep praying. That’s our motto now,” Joan said. “We prayed, others prayed, and we saw what God did.”

Reflecting on his recovery, Ben said, “I have gained a lot more insight into the strength and magnanimous power of our Heavenly Father. Even when all hope was lost and how lifeless I was at that time, God picked me up. Nothing is out of reach of His arm.”

Ben Schultz’s story is a powerful testament to God’s ability to perform miracles. Like the biblical story of Lazarus, Ben’s recovery defied all odds. When hope seemed lost, faith and prayer brought about an extraordinary outcome. His journey reminds us that even in the darkest times, God is in control and hears our prayers.

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