Esme was the sole provider for her daughter, Avril, after her husband left when Avril was just a few months old, leaving the family in dire financial straits. Despite working tirelessly to provide for her daughter, Esme struggled to make ends meet.

She often reminded Avril of the importance of choosing a financially secure partner to avoid a life of financial insecurity. Yet, despite these challenges, Esme continued to persevere, ensuring her daughter had everything she needed.

Avril heeded her mother’s advice but didn’t fully absorb its significance. Like many girls, she fantasized about meeting a prince charming and falling in love.

That moment came swiftly when she turned 20 and met Arthur. He was kind, brilliant, handsome, and hardworking, with only one “flaw”: he hailed from a financially disadvantaged background.

Avril concealed Arthur’s financial status from her mother, but eventually, it became clear that he was not wealthy. Esme confronted her daughter, insisting she choose between ending the relationship with the financially struggling Arthur or leaving with him. S

he made it clear she wouldn’t accept a poor son-in-law. When Esme discovered Avril had defied her by marrying Arthur in secret, she followed through on her threat and ejected them. Undeterred, the young couple rented a cramped one-bedroom apartment on the city’s outskirts. They faced financial hardship initially, juggling university studies with part-time work.

After finishing high school, Arthur and a friend ventured into the car repair business, leveraging their skilled craftsmanship. They found success quickly, and after eight years, Avril, along with her husband and their three-year-old son, moved into a luxurious apartment.

Their financial security was evident as they enjoyed biannual vacations, purchased multiple cars, and acquired a plot of land to build a cottage. Their bank account flourished, bolstered by both Arthur’s and Avril’s contributions—Avril resumed work after maternity leave and, with her husband’s support, launched her own successful beauty salon. Despite their prosperity, Avril chose not to maintain contact with her mother.

Esme reached out to her daughter, pretending as if nothing had occurred, and inquired about Avril’s life. Avril responded coolly and abruptly ended the call, citing a busy schedule. It pained her to distance herself from her mother, who once meant the world to her, but the rift over money was difficult to bridge. Arthur overheard the conversation and urged Avril to reconsider, suggesting they take the higher ground and give her mother a chance if she genuinely repented.

Avril recognized the hardships her mother had faced while raising her and providing for her, which had toughened her survival instincts. As they prepared for work early the next morning, Arthur heard Avril from the next room saying, “Well, hello, Mom…” It signaled a willingness to reconnect and possibly reconcile with her mother despite their past disagreements.