Lewis Alexander proudly displayed his support for his child’s service in the United States Marine Corps by placing stickers on both his and his wife Tami’s vehicles. However, they never anticipated that these stickers, which read “Proud parent of a United States Marine,” would provoke such a strong negative reaction. After leaving his car parked at a shop, Lewis returned to find a scathing note left on his windshield.

As he prepared to leave the parking lot, Lewis noticed a piece of paper stuck under his windshield wiper. He stopped to read it and was completely shocked by its contents. The message, written by a stranger, was so hateful that it brought him to tears and led him to contact the police. While the note did not constitute a criminal threat, the sheriff’s office decided to publicize the incident on their Facebook page to raise awareness about the hurtful message.

The note contained vulgar language and included wishes for harm upon Lewis and his son in the Marines. Despite the negativity, the sheriff’s office used the opportunity to express gratitude towards those serving in the military and their families. They posted a statement acknowledging the sacrifices made by military families and expressing support for their safe return home.

Lewis expressed his dismay towards the unknown person who left the note, describing them as “evil.” He emphasized that his son serves to protect everyone’s right to express their opinions, even those that are hurtful. Despite the hurt caused by the note, Lewis found comfort in the sheriff’s office’s decision to share the incident publicly and to express gratitude to military personnel.

Tami also spoke about their son’s decision to join the military, highlighting his desire to make a positive impact in the world. In response to the incident, Lewis stated that if he could respond to the person who left the note, he would simply say, “God bless you.”

The Facebook post by the sheriff’s office received an outpouring of support and comments condemning the hateful note. Many commenters expressed gratitude for the sacrifices made by military personnel and their families, emphasizing the importance of respecting their service and dedication to protecting the country’s freedoms.