What would the world be without love? Certainly nothing. Though many might be skeptical, the Sweetmans are a shining example of true love—a love that endures through the years.

True love isn’t perfect but is characterized by facing all challenges and obstacles together, grounded in respect, trust, and affection. In 1973, a photographer began capturing the couple every month in their garden.

The aim was not only to showcase the enduring nature of their love but also to document the changing seasons in their garden. This beautiful project, quickly embraced by others, was the brainchild of Ken Griffiths. It began on a sunny day with an almost empty garden where seeds had just been planted.

Over the months, the garden blossomed, reflecting the flourishing love of the Sweetmans, a couple who had cherished each other for years. The vibrant landscape was enhanced by their presence. However, the project took a poignant turn when Mr. Sweetman was left alone.

In the final photograph, Mr. Sweetman honored his late wife by posing in the spot where she had once stood in the previous images. This project underscores that true love exists for those who are patient and understand the importance of nurturing it with love, trust, and respect.