What would you do if you spotted an 80-year-old woman blocking traffic to take a stroll, alone and exposed to the elements? Zoe tried several different things to make this day memorable.

She needed help because, while standing by the side of the road, she was appealing for a ride for her birthday. Zoe, an 80-year-old woman, was alone on her birthday.

Nevertheless, she wanted to do something special to mark her significant birthday, perhaps take a vacation and have some fun. Being alone is the worst part of her life.

She had no family or friends with whom to bake cakes and light candles. Zoe didn’t have a car, but she thought she could walk to one of her favorite restaurants.

During the journey, she was doing okay until the cold began to creep into her bones. Instead of turning around and returning home, Zoe sought assistance from strangers. In the midst of a busy Idaho roadway, she began flapping her arms to draw attention to herself. She just wanted to visit a restaurant.

Matthew Peppersack and Benjamin Whiteleather noticed that many cars were passing her by. They discovered that Zoe wanted to celebrate her birthday with breakfast at her favorite restaurant. There was no question in their minds—they didn’t want her to be alone on her special day.

Matt and Benjamin assisted Zoe in celebrating her birthday. They enjoyed getting to know her and hearing her stories.

They later learned that she had planned a small celebration for that evening in town, but Benjamin and Matt were unable to attend.

However, they “invited everyone” to the party and shared their encounter with Zoe in a social media post.

Let’s give our time, be vulnerable, and allow others to experience the world as we do. Happy 80th birthday to Zoe!