We all deal with the solitude and anxiety of social isolation and quarantine in various ways, but this new hilarious challenge will undoubtedly provide everyone with a much-needed endorphin boost.

The concept of creating amusing photo recreations of past masterpieces dates back to March 22, when the @covidclassics Instagram profile was established.

The images they created are shown in this article.

“4 roommates who love art… and are eternally quarantined” began recreating famous paintings using only objects found in their own home on it. (“There are no filters or edits; it’s just us and our stuff in our house.”)

The Getty Museum then followed suit, announcing a Twitter competition with similar guidelines and a flood of entries, likely inspired by the series.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled with the outcomes. It appears that the more bored people become, the more inventive they become…