Noah Thompson of Kentucky wowed the judges on American Idol with a magnificent version of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me.” Few people realize that this song was modified from Charles Albert Tindley’s evangelical song ‘Lord, Stand By Me,’ which was based on the psalm, “would not we fear, though the earth be gone, and the mountains are taken into the middle of the sea?”

Ben E. King reworked a 20th-century gospel hymn to create ‘Stand by Me,’ which became enormously successful after being performed by musicians such as Seal. Today, as a country singer, Noah shouts out the words of this iconic song on American Idol to stay in the top 11; he makes it his own with his great voice and range, enthralling the judges and fans watching at home.

The song is a lovely reminder to us all that we can always rely on God in this world. Many of us have experienced the agony of man’s desertion and rejection, but when we come to God, we are adopted as sons through Christ.

The world is in one of its darkest periods, with conflict in Ukraine and a rise in gun violence, the epidemic still running in most countries, and it is all too easy to feel despondent and let down. But now is the time for the body of Christ to demonstrate love to its members as well as the ones outside who are lonely and afraid.

You can watch the video of him singing here: