Why not state this clearly? Whether we prefer to acknowledge it or not, we’re all secretly terrified of aging. We all fear the day when we’ll glance in the mirror and not recognize the person staring back at us. We all worry about aging and losing our youthful vitality, vigor, and appearance.

We all understand that aging is an issue since it is inevitable. Perhaps the reality that everything is out of our control is what makes it so terrifying.

The majority of us, however, are unaware that while the outside of who we are changes throughout time and is outside of our control, there is something much more significant than that. We ought to give that greater thought because it affects how we appear on the inside.

The woman who expressed it best in the following video: “The way we look is merely the packaging.” The genuine gem, the true gift, is hidden inside. We need to take care of that. Since they are aware of how frail and insignificant the “wrapper” is, those who truly love us will continue to do so regardless of it.

Everyone should learn this life lesson!

Watch the video here: