An elderly woman was unsure about how she would get home when one of her car’s wheels had a flat tire.

The woman’s automobile was parked by the side of the road as the young man traveled along the country road.

He spotted the woman in the car, sitting dejectedly with a troubled expression on her face. So he made the choice to stop and assist her.

When the woman noticed the stranger approaching her, she became anxious. What is his goal? Does he actually intend to assist me?

She was at a loss, though, as she had no idea how to change the wheel herself. She then directed him to the spare wheel, which he then rapidly inserted.

She thanked him and said she would pay him for the work. But he didn’t want to rob her of her money. Instead, he merely instructed her to “remember me when you see someone who needs aid, remember Brian Anderson, and pay for a good act with a good deed.”

He walked away. The older woman was so moved by his generosity that it made her feel a little lightheaded. She then drove back to her car, continued up the road, and pulled over at a little cafe.

She walked into the cafe and was greeted by a kind waitress. She got wet in the rain and the waitress brought her a towel to dry off. The elder woman then realized the waitress was extremely far along in her pregnancy. Even though she appeared and behaved like the happiest and kindest person in the world, she was undoubtedly really exhausted.

A glass of lemonade was ordered by the elder woman, who sipped it fast. She then had a flashback of Brian Anderson. So she gave the waitress a $100 bill for the drink, and by the time she returned with change, the older woman had already departed the cafe.

When the elderly woman left, she left a note that read, “A wonderful person helped me on the road, so now I’m helping you.” The waitress then noticed the note. Another $400 was contained in the note.

The server felt lightheaded. The following few weeks were going to be extremely challenging because the baby wasn’t due for another month. She left after her shift was over.

She didn’t return home until a few hours later. She leaned in for a forehead kiss as she went to bed, telling her husband, “I love you, Brian Anderson,” while reflecting on how fortunate she was.