Amber Rachdi has always been very heavy. But at the age of 24, it’s already too late.

She was 600 pounds and couldn’t take care of herself anymore. So that her parents could help her, she moved in with them.

Rudy told her that she couldn’t keep living that way, and she knew she had to change.

She only left the house to get food, and she had to use her electric wheelchair the whole time.

And the weight affected not only Amber’s mind but also her body. To keep from getting sick, she had to use a long brush to clean the deep folds in her skin.

She tried to lose weight by applying to the “My 600-lb Life” program as a last resort.

At that point, she was eating a lot of sweets and more than four big meals a day. The worse she felt, the more food she ate.

She was stuck in a cycle of bad luck, and because she was so fat, she could no longer even sleep with her partner. There was no sex life for them.

She decided in the end to have gastric bypass surgery, but she was worried. Due to her weight, this type of surgery came with a lot of risks. Rudy, who was married to her, was also very worried.

Amber had to lose 22 pounds before she could have the surgery.

Amber was sure of herself. She moved to Texas to be near Dr. Neusraden, the doctor who was going to do her surgery. She also switched her menu to one that was better for you.

She lost 20 pounds in three months and was finally able to have the surgery.

Amber’s new life had just started.

Amber lost 90 pounds in the seven months after her surgery.

She was very motivated, so she started doing sports and kept losing weight.

Amber went back to see the doctor 12 months after her surgery. She was able to get rid of 143 pounds of fat. It was hard to tell who she was.

Dr. Neusraden was so proud of her that he agreed to let her have surgery to get rid of the extra skin.

Amber kept up her healthy habits and started seeing a therapist to learn how to deal with her problems other than by eating.

Amber has been sad for a long time, but she is finally happy again.

She still needs to lose a few pounds to reach her goal, but she’s on the right track.