Men used to look better when they had cool hairstyles, but those days are long gone. And people often look down on those who don’t get their hair cut. But little Riley didn’t care about what people said, and when he was nine, people called him “Rapunzel” because of his long braid.

When the boy was young, his parents wouldn’t cut his hair because they didn’t want to. Her curls were now as long as her shoulders. But when they decided to do this, the child fought back. He was so motivated by his favorite football player that he made up his mind right away to keep his hair long. Even though the idol’s hair was short and didn’t reach her shoulders.

Mom didn’t try to change her mind. After a few years, Riley’s hair was almost as long as her waist. The boy took very good care of them. They were soft and light.

But one day, when he was nine, he said he wanted to cut off his hair and give it to make wigs for kids with cancer. His family helped him reach his goal.

Riley, who was a child, was taken to the barbershop. At first, he was afraid of getting his first haircut. When he got the package, he couldn’t believe how long the line was.

After this small, kind act, the child was asked to talk about his thoughts on the radio. It will take time, so we don’t know if he will go back to his old self. But they knew him because of his hair. They were what made him stand out.